Time and Money Well Spent

By Christian Dickson

Many of y’all may remember the name Jonathan from newsletters over the years. He was one of the students in my Sunday school class when I first arrived here in Paraguay.  He got to listen to me stumble over reading Sunday school material for first graders.

Jonathan who is enrolling in SeminaryJonathan’s family has always needed a lot of assistance. We have given his family rides, food, money and counseling. We have assisted with medical bills. We have helped when family members were in jail. We have assisted with younger siblings because of a difficult home situation, and we have helped Jonathan enroll in a new school because he was kicked out of the one he was in. Jonathan has been a part of our ministry since the day I got here.

A little over a year ago, I wrote about how the church was taking care of Jonathan. Several church members gave him odd jobs so he had a little money to eat. He stays at the church and we all stay on top of him about his schooling, which y’all pay for. Jonathan is at every church activity and has an incredible knowledge of the Bible.

We are very excited to announce that Jonathan has chosen to attend seminary at The Methodist Bible Institute and are thankful for the people here and in the States who have helped him along the way!