Meet the Children

Many of you have asked about the children at the Suzanna Wesley School because you would like to sponsor or pray for a specific child. We will use this page to regularly introduce our beautiful children!

Meet Joanna

Age: 6 years
Grade: 1st
Teacher: Karina

Favorite Color: Rosada  (Pink)
Favorite Food: Pollo (Chicken)

Father: Froilan
Mother: Adela
Sister: Jessica

Joanna likes to help out around the house and take care of her little sister. She also likes to play with water guns during the hot summer days.

Meet Josefina

Age: 10
Grade: 3rd
Teacher: Dorina

Favorite colors: Amarillo (Yellow)
Favorite Food: Tallarin (Noodles)

Father: Pablo
Mother: Cristina

Josefina has nine brothers and sisters, one just born last week. She likes to play with her siblings and her two dogs.