A Life Knowing Jesus

I am writing this the morning after our first real rain in ten months. It has been a long time since I have risen to a clear morning without smoke and dust. Everything has turned instantly green and the sound of birds singing is so prevalent, it is almost distracting.

In an instant, nature can change from desolate to vibrant.

A relationship with Christ can also change lives and, often times, instantly. After years of following Christ, we sometimes forget how desolate life can be without him. Although Angelica and I sometimes settle into a routine Christian life, we are reminded of the power of Jesus each time we share His story with people in desperate situations.

There is a lot of focus on the negative, but Angelica and I, along with our team of Paraguayans, are looking forward to what we can do to make life better. We are making plans to go deeper into the interior of Paraguay sharing Christ and changing desolate to vibrant.

The people who make our work possible will never make the news. People who are obedient to God, caring for people they don’t even know on another continent, are not newsworthy. What many of y’all have done will not be in today’s headlines—but we know.


Heraldo is a 9-year-old that lives in one of the shanty towns where Angelica and her team teach sexual abuse prevention. He has been one of the most attentive students and we see the difference his new relationship with Jesus has made in his life.

He recently asked for prayer for his father who has been a drug addict for 13 years. A few weeks later, his dad committed to entering a program. The same week, Heraldo’s mom won a government lottery to receive a small house, built for families living in “insufficient” housing. The family still has difficulties—Heraldo’s younger brother has cancer—but they are now living life knowing Jesus Christ.

Paraguay Fact:

Big birds really like fruit.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for Heraldo’s brother Eric who is 8 and has cancer.
  • Pray for more rain.
  • Pray for a “scouting” trip we are taking next week. We have been going deeper into the interior for a couple of years, but now are working to reach some really isolated places.


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