Join us in Ministry


We appreciate your prayers for the following:

  1. Pray for all the youth coming to Christ. Many are like small children when it comes to knowledge of Christ and the Bible. (When Angelica asked one young girl if she had a Bible she said, “Yes, that big one with the pictures in it that is open and on a pedestal in our living room.” We had a good laugh about her reading that giant Bible).
  2. Pray for our opportunity to host a group of college-age youth for 6 weeks this summer.
  3. Pray for logistics. As we are working more independently, we don’t have access to the facilities and vehicles we once did. Also we are in a lot of new places.


You can make financial contributions to our ministry in Paraguay through TMS Global by mailing a check to Christian Dickson, c/o TMS Global, Inc., PO Box 936559, Atlanta, GA 31193-6559 or online below.