Spreading love . . .

Recently, Angelica was asked what little thing she really loves to do, and she said, “Make flower bouquets!”

The question was just an ice breaker, but it touches on something important. There are all kinds of projects we can “do” to help people physically and spiritually; but sometimes it is the little things that touch people.

I have told you before that we minister to couples so they can understand that making a commitment to each other is important, and that having an event to publicly commit, in front of witnesses and God, will make their marriage stronger. For many brides, having an “Angelica” bouquet means the world to them.

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Now that we are almost completely free to meet and travel, we have spent the past six weeks preparing for the next few months of ministry. We are even launching a few new ministries. In February, we resumed our work with one Indigenous group and started with another.

In Indigenous areas where children are frequently abused, we always start with the creation story from the Bible. We want the children to know they are created by God, and that He made them the way they are. We want them to know they have value!

After a few weeks of teaching the children that they are God’s creation, we begin to see new confidence. It is interesting that if you ask these children if they are Paraguayan, they will say, “No, I am Indigenous.” Many times they will not even mention the name of their tribe.

The other reason we start with the creation story, is that most Indigenous tribes have their own religion, usually tied to nature. If we use the Guarani word for God as the creator, they have no problem. But they reject the view of God as the Father. For right now, we are beginning by helping them know they have value.

Many of the Indigenous tribes live in unfortunate conditions, way below the typical Paraguayan; and most have accepted this as their lot in life. There is a tremendous amount of destructive behavior in their communities. Angelica and I, along with our team of Paraguayans, want to help the Indigenous people know that they are important to us and to God.

Paraguayan Fact:

These guys are at all our preparation meetings.