Feliz Navidad from Paraguay

Christmas with the Bats

We just had our graduation and Christmas program at The Susanna Wesley School. It was a great night of celebrating the coming of Christ and the accomplishments of the kids. Angelica, the teachers, and the kids put on a super show but my attention was on the bats.

We always have bats in the interior and I normally don’t pay them much attention. It was just interesting to see them flying over the Baby Jesus and the kids as they danced. It made me think of how diverse this world is that God created. This Christmas season, whether it is cold or hot, whether you enjoy time with the family in front of a fire place or outside in the late evenings, whether you are drinking hot chocolate or frozen pineapple juice, we hope y’all  have a Merry Christmas.

Graduation Ceremony


It is very hot here. During the days, it is hard to really get much accomplished. The only productive people are the people that have jobs in the AC, and even they succumb to the heat during blackouts. We have been doing most of our work and traveling at night. Despite the heat, we have had a fair amount of rain and the crops are growing well.

The ministries at the school and agriculture project continue to open doors for Angelica and I to be more involved in the community of Yrubucua. We are finding that when we meet new people, they already know who we are and are very open to communicating with us.

This week Angelica had to go to The Ministry of Education in Asuncion to get some papers approved. The lady at the office asked her if she is the Director of the school and if this is the school that is in Quinta Linia. She said the school has “fama” — loose translation, the school is famous.

IMG_3193_editedOne of the tools that has helped us expand the number of people that we come in contact with is having events. Cook-outs, tea parties, sporting events, cooking classes, movie nights, plays, devotionals and concerts all help us meet and interact with new people. These are all things that really don’t happen much in the interior of the country. Most of their time is spent trying to keep food on IMG_3208_editedthe table and a little money in their pockets.

Because so many people from home and the Paraguayan youth from Asuncion have committed to helping us share Christ, we have been able to put on these events.

Best Year Ever?

Looking back on the year 2012, Angelica and I are thankful for all the help we had in serving here in Paraguay. Never before have we had so many Paraguayans assist us in our ministries, never have we had so much input in the work we are doing. The youth here have been a tremendous blessing and have added new life to the IMG_3212z-editedwork we do.

Each year the teams that come down become more familiar with the needs here in Paraguay. Each year they are a little more in tune to the weaknesses and strengths of the Christian community in Paraguay. Having help sure seems to make our job a lot easier and much more effective.

We would like to state our complaint on the weather of 2012.

Coming Home

I will be in The States from December 30 to January 18. I will be alone but hope I can see some of y’all.

Paraguay Fact

When attending a party in the interior, you need to bring more than just your drinks.