What is our duty?

I recently heard a graduation speech in which the valedictorian quoted Winney the Pooh. It made me think of other quotes I have heard over the years. One of my favorites is, “You cannot do more than your duty; you should never wish to do less.” I’ll let you figure out who said it.

Lately, I have been thinking about my duty as a follower of Christ and as a missionary, thinking about which areas I have done my duty and which areas I have done a little less. Time with y’all is what enables Angelica and me do our duty better.

I have served in Paraguay for 15 years. It has been 12 years since we have been home for more than a month and a half, so we are coming home in August and will be staying for six months.

We are coming home for several reasons. We wanted to spend more time with Camila in her first months in college, although this may be difficult because she will be attending school in California.  Another reason is that our funds are low. But what we really want to do is refuel; spend some time in the church I grew up in, and spend time with the people that make our ministries possible.  

As I have said in many newsletters, we do a lot of things, but what we do most is help develop people. Angelica and I have complete confidence in the people we have worked with over the years and know that in our absence, they will carry on the work.

We have tried hard to share the joy we have in knowing Christ and how He can change lives. We are surrounded by a group of young people that have the same joy and will work just as we have to share it.

We look forward to spending time with all of y’all, sharing what God is doing in Paraguay and learning from y’all how to better serve Him. We want to encourage y’all to do your duty while helping us do ours.   

Paraguayan Fact:

Mass Transit.