Acts 2

fellowship_webDuring the month of July, Angelica and I had the pleasure of once again hosting some of our friends from home. I often think of the early church during the days that we are together with our friends.

Many of y’all may think that as missionaries we live life like the early Christians did in Acts. Unfortunately, just like many of y’all, we get bogged down in the everyday routine of life. We often find ourselves focusing on our “work in missions” and loose site of how we could be living. Camila_small

The few weeks each year that we have to live out the life presented to us in Acts: 2 are a tremendous blessing to Angelica and I, as well as to the Paraguayans.

We Don’t Have That Here

While Paraguay is changing (and I don’t hear it as much), I still hear the occasional “I don’t know what you are talking about” or “we don’t have that here in Paraguay.” A lot of times I can find what is needed after beating the bushes for a while. Angelica gets mad at me and says that I should just accept things, but my persistence is often rewarded. To my delight, this was the case with bagels.

Then again, sometimes I have to improvise. On more than one occasion, I have had to use something differently than how it is intended. Cutting wood planks with a chain saw comes to mind. Using a clear hose as a level is another. With some things I have just given up — like finding Philips-head screws.

As I have mentioned before, Angelica and I are looking into doing some different things down here. We are thinking about traveling more and maybe traveling to more remote places. We need to purchase another vehicle in order to be able to do this. We know what we want, but are having a hard time finding what would work best for us. We are confident that we will, at some point, find what we need and have the funds to purchase it.

A Shared Word

Over the years of serving here in Paraguay, we have come across a tremendous number of people who can do at least part of what we are doing and sometimes, they do it better. I have learned that communication is one of the most pressing problems third world countries have. To many, I am considered and expert in things that the Paraguayan should be better equipped to do.

Angelica and I spend much of our time helping people realize and develop their potential. It is amazing how much of what I learned in college is applicable to serving in missions. God has blessed people in third world countries with talents just like we have in the good old US of A — they just need to be drawn out of them. Because so many people in The States have invested in Angelica and I, we are able to help the Paraguayans reach their potential and follow through with their responsibility to share Christ in their own country.

Angelica always says that America is blessed because for years they used the gifts that God gives them to help others and if Paraguay wants to be blessed they must do the same.


There is no such thing as a quick run to the store.