Sometimes Blessings Bring Challenges

In Acts, Jesus tells the believers to be His witnesses “to the ends of the earth.” It’s probably an exaggeration to say that Angelica and I have gone to the ends of the earth, but sometimes it seems like it. With all the rain we’ve had and the miles of dirt roads, we put our vehicles to the test. Last week, Angelica challenged me, suggesting I could not enter where she has with her truck. I am not sure if she doubted me, my truck, or both.

Last week, because of problems in an eastern European country, Angelica and I were asked to host four young men who were supposed to serve in Europe. We already have a young couple arriving soon to serve with us for two months. While we are happy to host these young people, Angelica’s first question was, “How are we going to get all of our team into some of these places.”

Many times, spiritual and physical needs are directly associated with being isolated. There is a tremendous need in the many areas of Paraguay that have been underwater and isolated for months. These are the places we are invited to the most. I have been suggesting to Angelica that we need to explore the flooded areas and, again, she has been “bullying” me about not being able to get there.

One of our main obstacles is transportation. Sometime we lack the vehicles to get everyone in and out, sometimes because we don’t have enough space in the vehicles or because we need better equipped trucks.

We have never turned down an invitation because of transportation difficulties. We always seem to get there, one way or another, but sometimes it seems like there should be an easier way?