Where We Come From . . .


We enjoy what we do and believe we are being obedient to God’s call. It is a nice feeling to help people, both physically and spiritually. Angelica and I know that a relationship with Christ can change people’s lives and help them make a difference in their little part of the world. These little victories come from the power given to us by other people, in the form of prayer, support, and funds. I know many times the news would have you think differently, but lives are being transformed because of your investment in people.

Fresh cool air, clean streets, orderly traffic, planned development and
college football—what’s not to like about living in Alpharetta, Georgia. When your surroundings are the complete opposite, it is easy to appreciate one over the other. I like my hometown and enjoy every minute I am there. Our family always looks forward to being home. “So, why not stay?” That’s what our daughter AnnaBelen always asks.

Angelica and I firmly believe God called me to Paraguay to meet her and serve this part of the world. We also believe he called the people from my hometown and other parts of the US to support us so together we can change lives and share Christ.

I love my hometown and appreciate all the people that support us. On the other hand, I came from God and He is the one that makes possible all that we do. So I will stay here and share Christ, even when it is not my first choice of places to live.


Sometime You Just Have Do It

We have been working for years in rural parts of Paraguay, conducting experimental agriculture with the ministry Agrimissions. For the past 16 or so years, we have been assisting local farmers in discovering better ways to plant their cash crops. We involve the Ministry of Agriculture and have other experts come teach. We have made small improvements, but it always seems that the small farmer just cannot get ahead, because they cannot compete with the big farm operations.

Years ago, I started exploring other ways to help the community. Though we were in the country, we realized no one planted gardens. So we started planting gardens. We have made tremendous headway and now there are gardens at almost every other house in the village.

Unfortunately, because of the heat here, gardens can only be planted in the winter. I have been told gardens can be planted in the summer, but I have never seen it. So I decided we would do it.

Our friends the Bakers helped us with the most important part—a well. Now that the well is in, we are working on an irrigation system and learning all that we can about shade and other ways to handle the heat. Our hope is that this will be another way to help the Paraguayans live more comfortable lives.

Paraguayan Fact:

Guess I really did not need the full-size truck that y’all helped me by.