Sharing Christ Amidst the Corona Virus


We’ve heard the Coronavirus can’t live long in the heat, so Paraguay should be one of the safer places in the world.

For the past two weeks, we’ve had temperatures between 97 and 104 degrees and no rain in a month; but like the rest of the world, we are under quarantine. Unlike the rest of the world, we are quarantining ourselves in our one bedroom that has AC.

Unknowingly, we have adapted over the years to the long hot days of summer by not staying in the house. I was not aware we had developed a defense mechanism until we became confined to the house. I have been looking for excuses to run errands for Angelica, just so I can get into my truck with the AC. Going to the grocery store is a real treat. AnnaBelen is even missing school, but maybe she is just missing the air-conditioned classrooms.

We have very few cases of Coronavirus in Paraguay. As I write this, only 32 and two deaths. But the country is not set-up to handle the large number of cases happening in other countries, so the government has been very strict. We have been on total lockdown for four weeks. Only one person can leave the house for food and almost no one is working. They are strict about how many people they allow in the supermarket and who can leave their homes, and they have arrested hundreds maybe thousands of people for not abiding by the quarantine.

Not knowing the future can cause us all to live in fear. This is nothing new. Many people who don’t know Christ live in fear—fear of the unknown and fear they will never escape the life they are currently living. Angelica and I believe God has a plan for each one of us, and we believe He can make the impossible possible. God can change any situation, and we have security in His salvation.

Although we cannot leave the house, we are still telling people about Jesus by whatever means we can to communicate. We are also planning and preparing for when we can get out again. We are constantly communicating with our team of believers and we will be ready to travel and share as soon as we are cut loose.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for peace and wisdom during this time of uncertainty.
  • Pray for Camila who is staying with her roommate’s family in Arizona.


Paraguay Fact:

The van arrived without much fan fair because of the quarantine. Hopefully we will be able to send a picture soon of it full of people ready to share Christ.