Helping Amidst Quarantine

Angelica is always bothered when I notice and comment about things being out of place. Neither her nor my mother-in-law seem impressed with my ability to tell them where things are. They don’t find it useful when I tell them which drawer something is in. They also don’t see the beauty in my perfect understanding of the clock nor do the instructive notes I leave around the house garner the appreciation I think they deserve.


Both Angelica and my mother-in-law appear to be enjoying this time of quarantine, and the havoc it has played on my daily routine and impeccable organization. Angelica on the other hand has adapted to our new normal and become a wiz at Zoom and other ways to counsel and teach.

In reality, apart from a few minor inconveniences to our schedule, we are getting along fine and adapting our ministries. Unfortunately, many Paraguayans are feeling the effects of not being able to work and earn income. Most Paraguayans don’t have much savings and were feeling the pinch within a few weeks of the shutdown.

Angelica had a great idea of how we could help. We got fruit crates from the local farmers’ market. AnnaBelen painted each of the crates with different designs, and we filled them with food. This not only gave us an opportunity to help families, but we also time to share with them when we dropped off the crates.

I have had the opportunity to travel throughout the country with a young man we have worked with for years, delivering food to pastors. Having a fast truck that can get to remote places has been a blessing. We are thankful to have the resources and time to assist and share with people who are off the beaten path.

We do not know when life will go back to normal, but we are constantly in contact with our team. We will be ready to travel as soon as we are allowed.

Parguayan Fact

Paraguay has some of the best engineers in the world.